100 Popular Essay Topics Used In The Year 2017

Want to write an essay but you are stuck for essay topics? Maybe you should consider one of the essay topics listed below. You can change it and rewrite it to make it fit your topic. You will recognize many of the titles listed in this article because they are professor favorites that they use year after year.

  1. Do arranged marriages still work today?
  2. Something I would like to change that is in my past.
  3. The best poetry have I learned that has benefited me today
  4. The reason mice can’t breath under water
  5. What symptoms are there for heart problems?
  6. What are the Civil Rights that exist in America?
  7. The hardest journey of my life
  8. Uber taxi drivers and how great they are these days
  9. The negative effects that telling lies has to another person
  10. Who is the muse that inspires me the most?
  11. The biggest non-risk I have ever taken in my life
  12. My first week at my new school.
  13. Which Netflix shows have made me who I am today?
  14. The day I never want to remember again
  15. The experience that changed my life for a day
  16. The books and movies that changed my thinking and my life
  17. Pop-culture in America and all around the globe
  18. How relationships can affect a person in a good or bad way
  19. What makes getting divorced so easy these days
  20. Can a billion dollars buy you happiness?
  21. Who would be brave to come on a talk-show with me?
  22. The problems that get me down when I drink
  23. Should we let our kids use adult Social media?
  24. Growing up poor and ugly
  25. The responsibility of being a mother and being happy at the same time
  26. Drug use and what it does to the human body
  27. Relieve stress and how it helps you?
  28. How car tires work?
  29. Challenges that I have to overcome everyday
  30. What would I change about me besides my weight
  31. Which college should I go to?
  32. The terrorism attacks need to stop one way or another
  33. Choosing the correct career for you
  34. Friends come and go when your money comes and goes
  35. What does politics have to do with male and female relationships?
  36. My new best friend never turned up
  37. The most beautiful flower in the world
  38. You can be your own hero if you want it to be
  39. The love I lost and the love I married.
  40. Earthquakes and how they rock your world
  41. The things that scare me the most and why
  42. Who would you choose Captain America or the Hulk?
  43. The movies that made me cry
  44. What are the sounds that help you sleep?
  45. Racism is gone but the word is now being abused
  46. What would you do different if you had the chance?
  47. The effects of hating you mother in law
  48. Cooking and why some people shouldn’t do it
  49. The thing I know I have done correct.
  50. People that have changed for the better
  51. What my siblings taught me about bullying
  52. Career opportunities for young people
  53. Things kids do for others are rarely altruistic
  54. Guns and do we need them at all?
  55. When I was wrong
  56. Devices and how they have taken over our lives
  57. Things to do when you lose your internet connection for one week
  58. The effects parents have on young child actors
  59. Why people care about money
  60. Why being alone is best sometimes
  61. How do periods affect a women’s emotions?
  62. How Islam managed to get Pepper pig banned
  63. Parents and kids need to learn to be polite
  64. The comments that will live with you forever
  65. Does studding really help?
  66. What causes a people to have addictions
  67. How growing up as a single parent not the child’s fault
  68. Words shouldn’t use.
  69. The chance of a life time
  70. Social networks and why they are addictive
  71. Every day is a new day, but why?
  72. What is life without you?
  73. Music is everything
  74. Relationships and how people need them
  75. The one person I’m scared to lose
  76. Side effects of not eating healthy food
  77. Alcoholism and how to the person reacts to sobriety
  78. Living alone – The disadvantages and advantages
  79. You only live once
  80. Homeschooling yes or no?
  81. The decision that killed my mother
  82. Schools need to stop trying to stop bullying
  83. Do we watch to much TV?
  84. The sports of 2017
  85. Living on my own for the first time
  86. What books do you love to read in your spare time?
  87. The things you find irritating
  88. The music that inspires me.
  89. My most crazy experience you ever had
  90. The strangest thing in my life
  91. Online dating does it work?
  92. Smoking and why you shouldn’t do it while pregnant
  93. The influence of the last movie I watched
  94. What TV show would i like to try?
  95. The changes in me
  96. What are the good and negative effects of terrorism?
  97. What should I do when I’m feeling depressed and down?
  98. I learned that we need grammar and it is necessary
  99. In the 21st century we learned how to stop hating
  100. Movies that inspire me to be a worse person