How to Write Persuasive Essays

Here is a quick step by step guide for creating a very high quality persuasive essay.

1 – Reflect on your essay instructions
This will help you better understand what they want you to do. Make a few notes and brainstorm ideas as soon as possible whilst your studies are fresh in your mind.

2 – Do a little research and make notes
This is so you can make your choice as to the topic and your opinion on it.

3 – Use your notes to decide your position
You made notes during your research and you may use them to create your opinion.

4 – Create an essay structure
This is a basic structure upon which you create your essay plan. This sort of structure is often given to you by your academic institution anyway.

5 – Plan your essay
Plan everything right down to the time and date that you start your essay. Plan what you are going to research, and where your research may take you. Plan how much time per night you are going to spend on it.

6 – Start your introduction and mention your thesis
The thesis should tell people what you are going to convince them of.

7 – Research as you write
The research process should continue throughout as you uncover more facts and points.

8 – Make the essay body as biased as you wish
It is a persuasive essay and not an argumentative so being biased is your prerogative.

9 – Break up your essay and highlight the persuasive points
You do this to be sure each part is persuasive in its own right.

10 – Whilst broken up check for holes in your argument
Check to see if you can call into question your own persuasive points.

11- Put your essay together again so it flows
It should flow from one persuasive point to another.

12 – Check your essay for consistency
Do you mention the same thing twice? Are there contradictions? Are some arguments more weighted than others? Are some facts under referenced? What is conjecture and what is fact?

13 – Proofread your essay
This is to check for grammatical and spelling errors.

14 – Correctly format your essay
Follow the instructions given to you by your academic institution.

15 – Re-read your essay to be sure it convinces you of something
This is a last effort to see if you yourself are convinced by your work.

16 – Make amendments if needed
If any are needed then make them before handing it in.