When it comes to women’s issues and the topics that have been prevalent throughout history in terms of gender rights and gender based laws, the theme of abortion has long been at the forefront of the female discussion. The issue of abortion, or terminating a pregnancy, has always been something that has evoked strong opinions one way or the other in the world of ethics and of law making, with religious scripture often being cited as key evidence for certain countries to limit the opportunity for female citizens to receive the procedure, even under extreme circumstances such a rape, incest or life threatening illness. (more…)

Technology has been around for a long time and is, by definition, is the “application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes (Google).” That means that technology has been being applied for much longer than what the average person might think. Technology is more than just computers and smartphones. However, the use of technology is carrying us into the future in many ways. (more…)

Fifteen years ago, the term ‘social media’ was something that was only used by a small percentage of the population who were at the forefront of the burgeoning but still fledgling mainstream, commercial Internet. However, in recent years, as websites like MySpace, Bebo, and then eventually the sector defining platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came to prominence, it became almost unimaginable for any human being over the age of 12 not to have some sort of presence on social media. Though these platforms can be great way to connect with people and a fantastic, lighting quick resource for breaking news stories, there is an undeniable element of social media that poses a danger to young people and their fragile reputations while going through some of the formative years of the their lives. This begs the all-important question, is the prevalence of social media in modern culture having a negative impact on young lives? (more…)

Throughout the course of history, it would be fair to say that the world has had both some brilliant leaders and some terrible leaders. While the easiest examples that spring to mind are famous heads of countries and powerful, visionary CEOs of companies that have had a huge impact on modern lives, the theme of good and bad leadership is one that can be traced down the ladder and applied to everyday situations like school, the office, youth clubs, sports teams, pretty much everything that involves some type of hierarchy structure. (more…)

Classical and Baroque music may seem quite alike at first glance, especially to the untrained ear. They may have a variety of aspects in common, indeed, but they are considered two distinct periods and styles in the evolution of music for a reason: there are many characteristics that set them apart. This essay proposes to analyse the Baroque and Classical styles to determine what makes them similar and, most importantly, what makes the difference between them. (more…)

Education might be one of the most powerful forces that influence society, but it, in turn, is shaped by culture to a great extent. To American students, various elements of the Chinese education system may seem strange, just like Chinese students might find the characteristics of US schools unusual. This essay proposes an analysis of the school systems in China and the United States to see what makes them similar and what sets them apart. (more…)

For many young girls growing up through their teenage and young adult years, their mother is a figure of both love and conflict at different stages throughout their development. Though you may argue and come to blows over the course of your growing, your mother is also the person who you tend to reach out to for support when you need it most. The theme of complicated mother/daughter relationships is one that is explored in Amy Tan’s 1989 short story ‘Two Kinds’, a work that includes a relationship between a Chinese mother and young daughter growing up with different culture values and dream in America. (more…)

Global warming is arguably one of the biggest problems facing our world today. We regularly hear about the dangers of rising sea levels, changes in weather patterns leading to an increase in natural disasters, and the impact on a range of species of animals and plants. Scientists are often appealing to governments and large organizations to change their habits in order to slow global warming and save the planet. But what is global warming? (more…)

The American Dream is a central part of American Culture and has been for over a century. It is an idea that is very much associated with the period circa 1900-1950, but the motivation for many immigrants moving to America today is the pursuit of the American Dream so it is still highly relevant to today’s life. At its core, the American Dream is to achieve prosperity and liberty for yourself and your family, which is naturally very appealing to immigrants from all over the world, many of which are coming from poorer countries with less equality and fewer opportunities for their citizens. According to the American Dream, any person, wherever they are from and however poor and tragic their background, should be able to make a success of themselves if they are willing to work hard. (more…)

Happiness is something that everyone should aspire to in life, but in many cases people do not. People hope for success, wealth, love, fame and many other things, but rarely happiness in itself. Usually they hope for these things in the belief that these are the things that will make them happy, but these beliefs are often misguided. Many people think they would immediately be happy if they were rich, but research shows that lottery winners, for example, are happier for the first few months before returning to the level of happiness they had before, and in some cases, are more miserable. (more…)