Dissertation Writing Guide

Ask any graduated college student what the hardest piece of work they ever had to write was, and we can guarantee that they will all say their dissertation. For all students enjoying college life, there comes a time when the fun has to stop and the hard work has to begin. This is usually the time when dissertation writing becomes the center of your universe. Writing a dissertation isn’t like any other type of college assignment that you might be asked to complete. Dissertations take much more skill, much more time, much more research and much more commitment to complete. (more…)

vegetarian in college

The period in which you apply to, get accepted to and move to university can be one some of the most exciting and formative years of your life. There are big decisions to be made all round from education to social life to personal health, and one particular personal health choice that is becoming more and more popular with today’s student body is going vegetarian. This decision can stem from a health perspective, a financial perspective or indeed an ethical perspective, but the truth of the matter is that for any student planning on going veggie at college, there can often be a lack of choices and variety, particularly in catered halls and campus cafeterias. (more…)

living on campus

Leaving home and going to college or university is a big step. You will be facing a lot of new decisions, including whether to live on or off campus. This can be a difficult choice to make since there are pros and cons to both situations. The choice is even tougher if this is your first year living away from home. Where you live will make a big impact on your college experience, including in terms of finance and social situations. Consider these advantages and disadvantages before you make the decision. (more…)

management tips
Juggling work, classes, assignments and exams and trying to have a personal life in the meantime can be an immense challenge for most students. Trying to handle everything on your plate may seem like Mission Impossible, but there’s an answer to your problem: proper time management. The following tips will help you organize your time better and gain control over your academic and personal life. (more…)

youtube channels for educationThe potential of YouTube for educational purposes is greatly underestimated. People are using this channel mostly for watching cute and funny videos, but only few of them realize that YouTube videos can be inspiring, illuminating, and educative.

There is hardly a topic that’s not covered on this platform. The only question is: which are the best YouTube channels for educational purposes? You will find your answer in the top list below. (more…)

Using custom writing services is very common these days, with almost half the students in America claiming to have used essay writing services at least once in their academic careers. This is one of the reasons why so many people actually use writing services in the first place. They use them because so many other people do. Most students are graded on a curve, where if they fail to get an exemplary grade then they are restricted to mediocrity for their entire lives. (more…)

What is the ordering process like?

With most essay writing services the process is very simple. You get a quote for your project based on the deadline, page count, quality and content of your paper. You then submit your project with all the relevant details, the paper is completed and your finished essay is returned to you at the prearranged deadline date. In some cases you are asked to pay beforehand and sometimes afterwards. Many ask for an FAQ about writing services because they have never used a writing service before. (more…)