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How To Find A Good Balance Between College And Work

How To Find A Good Balance Between College And Work

It would be fair to say that successfully navigating a college course and attaining a degree is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things a young adult can do. For those who are academically minded, studying at college can be a very enjoyable experience, but this experience is often threatened when one cannot find a harmonious balance between the academic work that they are required to do, and the part time job that they have acquired as a means to receive extra income. Striking the right balance between work and college is something that has been a problem for students since the modern college system was introduced. You don’t want your studies to suffer through working long shifts, but you also don’t want to risk losing the money source that you need to survive. In order to make this balance achievable for everyone, we have put together a list of tips that we think will lead you to finding a great structure for work and college.

1. Don’t Over Promise

This tip relates to both sides of the spectrum in terms of work and school. In class, don’t take on extra work that you know isn’t going to be achievable given your timescale, and at work don’t be that person who is always persuaded in to taking extra shifts when others can’t fulfil their duty. It might seem like you are enhancing your education or being a good colleague, but ultimately the only thing that is going to happen is a lot of stress from trying to overstretch yourself, resulting in a loss of performance both in the classroom and at work. Be strict with yourself and recognize your limitations, and you won’t be taken advantage of.

2. Manage Your Time

Partying is, of course, a classic element of the college experience, but the mantra of ‘work hard, play hard’ exists for a reason. Make sure that your priorities for your free time always include getting your work done before you even think about social activities. The schedule at your job is one that is pretty strict, which means that your free time is going to be the time that can be managed by you personally. If you commit to getting the necessary work done first, then you will be free to spend time with friends with the comfort that you aren’t falling behind in class to do so.

3. Don’t Hide Your Problems

Don’t be afraid to admit that you are struggling with your workloads at either college or work. If people don’t know that you are treading water, they will think that you are coping well and will continue to ask more of you. It’s no sign of failure if you need to cut down a couple of shifts a week at work in order to maintain your school work. At the end of the day, it’s your degree that is the main priority, and your degree is the thing that will end up getting you your dream job.

4. Use All Available Facilities

Make the most of the hours you have to study in between work by utilising things like the library. Libraries have become less and less popular thanks to laptops and instant Internet access, but it should be underestimated how much a quiet, professional learning environment can help to increase your concentration and productivity. This will make your studying more efficient and not have to eat in to your job commitments.