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Website Usability

I’ve seen some sites that asked for so many details on their order form that it felt like I’d be writing the essay myself! The order form on Essay on Time was easy to fill in and the site itself was pleasant enough to use, although there seemed to be quite a lot of irrelevant text.

Customer Support

I wanted to know about discounts, as the friend who recommended the site told me you can reduce the price if you use their discount codes. However, I couldn’t find any mention of discounts when I was browsing the site. So I got in touch with their live chat, who were very apologetic and told me the only discounts available at that point were for orders of 15 pages or more. Obviously that wasn’t any use to me, as I only wanted 6 pages.


I probably could have managed without emailing my writer, as I didn’t really have any questions to ask them, but decided to message them about a couple of small points. They got back to me fairly quickly.

Discounts and Additional Benefits

I was rather disappointed that as a first-time client, I couldn’t get a discount like my friend said. I don’t know if this offer had been withdrawn, or if my friend was confusing it with another site. You can get a discount if you order 15 pages or more, and if you order over 100 pages that would give you a 15% discount. However, most people aren’t going to order that many pages, and it would still be very expensive even with the discount if you order that many pages!


My essay was on Truth and Fiction in Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. A 6-page, 1500-word essay of Premium quality costs £18.87 per page. Because I’m studying at a UK university I wanted a UK writer to work on my paper, as they’d be familiar with British terms and language. So I paid another £5 for a British writer. The total came to £118.88.


A typical reason for ordering a paper is that you can’t understand the topic or are finding it hard to answer the question. I really couldn’t take to Malory and was struggling to write the essay I’d been set. And since it was a crucial part of the course I couldn’t afford to lose marks on this paper. So I ordered a paper hoping that it would make things easier to understand. The writer had a good understanding of the book, made it much clearer for me, and gave me some really useful ideas for the direction of my paper. Overall I was glad I ordered it.

Security and Confidentiality Guarantee

The privacy policy was rather long, I think it would be better to make it shorter. Who wants to wade through paragraphs of information? I did notice that they used encryption though, so hopefully your details are safe.


Not a bad site, reasonably user-friendly and the price seems to compare well. The essay I was sent was certainly helpful, though the price did make me wonder how many students have to pass on using these sites because they can’t afford it. But for me it was worth not failing the course or losing marks, and it did help me get a decent grade for the paper (and therefore the term). The question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth saving the money if it means I get stressed and lose marks? For me, it was worth saving myself the stress instead.