Website Usability

The website is well laid out and clear. There are no annoying pop up adverts and no auto-start videos. The only problem with the website is that they frequently break the three-click rule to where you may have to click around several times to find the page you require.

Communication with customer support

Click the live chat function at the bottom of screen on the right and you are connected to their customer service department. If you enter your phone number and there are no agents available, then you can get them to call you back. Their customer support is of a very high quality, their service agents are clear speakers and their live chatters are swift typists.

Communication with writers

The company doesn’t like you talking directly to writers. In most cases, you have to contact the customer service department with your questions and comments and they will pass the message on to your writer. Most writers answer within 12 hours, and some answer within 24 hours if you have set a long deadline and there is still plenty of time.

ukessay team

Discounts and Additional benefits

They have no discounts. Their price list is laid out in a very different way to many other essay-writing services, so it is difficult to compare their prices with other companies. They have a free resources section that is loaded with free tools you can use to help you with your essays.

What we ordered and how much we paid

How ultrasound affects the viscosity of organic fluids
Veterinary surgery
Number of pages
3500 words / 9 pages
21 days
Our requirements
Do not cover pregnancy related fluids, only organic fluids found in K9s
Discount we used
We asked for a discount and they gave us a 21-day deadline with a 28-day deadline price
Quality level
Standard / undergraduate
Didn’t specify

The quality of work

It was a shaky start when the writer started going on about pus sacks varying from species to species. Especially when he mentioned pus in rabbits because it is typically solid like butter whereas in dogs it is not. However, the rest of the essay was very good and needed very few changes at all. We believe the essay would have achieved a good grade.

Security and confidentiality guarantee

This essay writing service promised that all their essays are written in confidentiality and that personal details will not be passed on to third parties. They also operate with a secure server and send the work back via email.

Our recommendation (if students should use this service)

If you have a lot of money, then you should try this essay writing service. They are very expensive, but the quality of their work is good enough. One may hope for a little more bang for your buck, but they provide reasonably good quality essays, so it is hard to complain.