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Top 20 YouTube Channels for Education

The potential of YouTube for educational purposes is greatly underestimated. People are using this channel mostly for watching cute and funny videos, but only few of them realize that YouTube videos can be inspiring,...

20 Ways to Use Smartphones in a Classroom

No matter how much professors try to convince students to spend less time with their devices, all of them eventually come to the same conclusion: smartphones can be very useful from an educational perspective....

Successful Students Graduation

Learn from the Habits of Successful Students

We all have one of these exemplary students in our proximity: they are incredibly talented in all subjects; they don’t have any troubles completing the given assignments, and they magically manage to cover the...

10 Tips to Make You an SAT Essay Master

10 Tips to Make You an SAT Essay Master

If you try to imagine the worst situation someone could put you in, the SAT essay would certainly come to your mind. Everyone understands you’re under tons of stress months before the test. However,...

7 Mistakes To Avoid In College Applications

7 Mistakes to Avoid in College Applications

Although college applicants spend a lot of time preparing for the admissions process, they still make serious mistakes that jeopardize their entire academic future. There are few things that frustrate college admissions members. If...

Great Argumentative Essay Topics

Great Argumentative Essay Topics

What is a long lasting marriage? Should homosexual couples be able to marry? Should cig smoking be banned? What is to be done with nuclear waste?

How to Write Persuasive Essays

How to Write Persuasive Essays

Here is a quick step by step guide for creating a very high quality persuasive essay. 1 – Reflect on your essay instructions This will help you better understand what they want you to...

How to Write an Essay

Here are thirteen steps that will help you to come up with a very high scoring and high quality essay. Follow each one at a time to ensure you create a perfect essay.