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Dissertation Writing Guide

Dissertation Writing Guide

Ask any graduated college student what the hardest piece of work they ever had to write was, and we can guarantee that they will all say their dissertation. For all students enjoying college life, there comes a time when the fun has to stop and the hard work has to begin. This is usually the time when dissertation writing becomes the center of your universe. Writing a dissertation isn’t like any other type of college assignment that you might be asked to complete. Dissertations take much more skill, much more time, much more research and much more commitment to complete.

In most cases, students are allowed to pick any subject or topic they wish, which means that the scope for a dissertation can sometimes be large and overwhelming. In order for you to manage your dissertation writing period as confidently and calmly as possible, take a look at our list that provides some top tips for making your life as easy as possible.

Spend A Lot Of Time Planning

One of the worst things you can do for a dissertation is to start writing it without a plan. Once you have decided on your topic, you need to spend at least a week working on nothing but your detailed outline. Make sure that your plan has a defined beginning, middle and end. If it does then you will know that your final dissertation will be equally defined and strong. The better your plan is, the less likely you are to stray off track in your writing. This can be a very important element to consider when dissertations have strict word limits.

Pick A Subject You Like

Instead of picking a topic that has a lot of information to learn from, you should try to pick a subject for your dissertation that you are truly interested in. You are going to be spending the best part of an entire year writing this extended paper, so you need to make sure that you are enthusiastic about the subject matter. The more interested you are in something, the less it feels like hard work when it comes to sitting down and typing for long periods of time. You will know from previous experience that your best pieces of school work are always those that you took a personal and enthusiastic interest in.

Give Yourself Enough Time

While there are some school and college assignments that can be completed at short notice, leaving a dissertation until the last minute is sure fire way to fail. Make a note of the final deadline date for your dissertation. Work backwards from that date to clear your diary for at least six weeks. Giving yourself plenty of time to write without the pressure of a looming deadline is the only way that you are going to be able to write to the best of your ability. Six weeks is generally considered an appropriate amount of time to write a dissertation without pressure. The average dissertation is 10,000 words in length, which equates to 1,666 words a week, or 238 words a day. When broken down in to these smaller numbers, the mammoth task of a 10,000-word assignment does not seem so overwhelming.

Limit Your Social Media

Social media plays a large role in every student’s life, but it is important to make sure that it doesn’t start to have a detrimental effect on your dissertation writing. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can very easily turn in to tools of procrastination. The more time you spend on social media, the less time you will be spending on your dissertation, and time can run out much quicker than you would imagine. A way to combat this is to use social media as a reward for reaching certain milestones and word counts in your writing. With each 500 words written, allow yourself 15 minutes to socialize online. This turns the platforms in to sources of motivation rather than procrastination.

Utilize Your Library

In today’s modern tech age, it is surprising how many students choose to completely ignore their campus libraries. Not only is the library full of books that will be able to help you with you writing, but it also promotes an atmosphere of quiet concentration that will be of enormous help to you. Trying to write a dissertation in the chaotic environment of a dorm room or frat house can be an impossible challenge, and an easy way to get away from this noise and in to an environment that inspires a stronger work ethic is to take your laptop and notes down to the library. Most campus libraries are open day and night, so whether you like to study in the afternoon or through the twilight hours, you are covered.