youtube channels for educationThe potential of YouTube for educational purposes is greatly underestimated. People are using this channel mostly for watching cute and funny videos, but only few of them realize that YouTube videos can be inspiring, illuminating, and educative.

There is hardly a topic that’s not covered on this platform. The only question is: which are the best YouTube channels for educational purposes? You will find your answer in the top list below.

Science Education

1. Scientific American Space Lab
On this channel, you will find a huge library of videos that discuss everything about space. The best part is that the experts are open for interaction. You can ask any question about the secrets of the Universe, and you’ll get your answer by astrophysicists and astronomers.

2. The Bad Astronomer
The Bad Astronomer is focused on debunking the most common misconceptions and myths about astronomy. You can also watch videos from live chat sessions with Dr. Phil Plait – the astronomer who maintains this channel.

3. Periodic Videos
On this channel, you will find a video for every single element on the periodic table. You will finally stop seeing chemistry as “confusing lessons” and you’ll understand that science is present in every moment of our lives.

4. MinutePhysics
After Khan Academy (which will certainly take its place in this list), MinutePhysics is possibly the most popular YouTube educational channel. If you are struggling to grasp the concepts of physics or you simply want to expand your interests, Henry Reich will become your best friend.

5. NASA Television
You want to get a deeper look into NASA’s research, development, astronauts, and equipment? Subscribe to this channel and you’ll start getting your answers to the fundamental questions about our planet and the universe.

6. Veritasium
This is one of the most popular channels related to science and engineering. The videos feature expert interviews, experiments, discussions with the public, and cool demos that make science more fun than ever.


7. VOA Learning English
It doesn’t matter whether you are a foreign or native English speaker; everyone could use reminders of vocabulary, syntax and grammar. The videos on this channel are 1-minute long. Watching at least 3-5 videos per day will gradually improve your grasp of the English language.

8. Speak English With Misterduncan
If you are up for something more serious (but equally fun), then this is the right channel for you. Misterduncan has been teaching real English to the world for free since 2006. His YouTube channel features tutorial videos that mostly examine idioms, silent letters, and words.

9. The Spanish Blog
You decided to start learning Spanish? Although the activity on The Spanish Blog stopped about one year ago, Laura Garrido Eslava’s videos haven’t lost on their appeal. The lessons, which are up to 5 minutes long, lead beginners towards gradual improvement of their knowledge and skills.

10. FrenchPod101

This channel features short videos that make French language less confusing than ever. You will improve your vocabulary skills by watching videos that explain random words and phrases, followed by a short quiz that tests your understanding. The radio talk show format of the videos revolves around everyday dialogues.

11. PeggyTeachesChinese
Peggy Lee is a lovable character that offers videos about Taiwanese food and culture, as well as awesome Mandarin lessons. Her natural humor will instantly make you fall in love with this language.

Nature Education

12. BBC Earth
Most people don’t realize how amazing our planet is. This channel will make you aware of its beauty. On BBC Earth’s channel, you will find thought-provoking content that examines different aspects of our nature.

13. Smithsonian Channel
The videos on this YouTube channel explore our planet’s history, life and culture. You can learn about the origins of the Universe, the life and death of different civilizations, and many other subjects that celebrate discoveries, people and achievements.

14. Discovery Channel
Are you tired of the commercials on the actual Discovery Channel? Well, its YouTube version enables you to watch videos on any topic of your choice, without being distracted. You can choose to learn more from the world of geography, science, natural history, survival, engineering, and anthropology.

15. National Geographic
This channel features videos on wildlife, archaeology, natural history, and other things that will help you discover the wonders of our planet. With nearly 4 million subscribers, this channel is supported by a great community that contributes towards enlightening comment sections.

General Knowledge

16. IntelligenceSquared Debates
On this channel, you’ll find Oxford-style debates that will boost your critical thinking skills. You will learn how to listen to other people’s opinions, rethink your points of view, and form your own stand.

17. TED-Ed
This channel extends TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. The library of educational animations will inform you about concepts you never thought of, and the videos will certainly inspire you to dig a little deeper. You will find a new lesson every workday. That’s a great way to learn something new every day, isn’t it?

18. Khan Academy
Here it is – the channel that basically revolutionized the concept of education. Thanks to Salman Khan, you can learn everything for free. Contrary to the common belief that intelligence is fixed, this channel will help you unlock your entire potential.

19. Nobel Prize
You want to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the world? The Nobel Prize YouTube channel presents videos about the Laureates and their achievements. Through the interviews, you will understand the creative and technical processes of the winners.

20. Mental Floss
Are you in for a relaxed YouTube session that will make you laugh, but will still teach you new things? Check this channel out. The information is trivial, but it will definitely satisfy your hunger for knowledge.